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The decision to pursue environmentally conscious operations through obtaining an RSE was spurred by a desire for Purpose and supported by the rising levels of atmospheric pollution caused by the increased use of Paris’ roads.


Speed Distribution Logistique signed onto the Charter in Favor of a Sustainable Urban Logistics beginning in 2006 (sponsored by the Mayor of Paris) and the Objective CO2 Charter (ADEME), both of which commit Axelis+ to reduce its EGES by 20% between 2014 and 2016.

To reach this goal, we’ve set numerous initiatives into motion:


  • Using the latest standards set by the European zone for thermal vehicles

  • Converting part of our fleet of vehicles to GNV

  • Buying 100% electric trucks, the Renault Maxity 3,5 tons

  • Using a 16 tons 100% electric truck in partnership with Guerlain

  • Calculating EGS that are generated by each delivery

  • Scheduling deliveries during off-peak times (ex: at night) to avoid peak traffic

  • Using electric bikes for our Team Distribution service

In the context of creating sustainable transportation that’s even more varied, we are currently studying the feasibility of using urban river systems. This could be the next step in eco-conscious logistics for the company.

Otherwise, Axelis+ is currently reevaluating its waste management (7 waste channels in the warehouse) and it is exploring the possibilities of replacing paper completely with digital.

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Social Responsibility

In the scope of an employee-employer relationship based on trust and kindness, Axelis+ has instituted a responsibility-based system of Human Resources that favors diversity in all its forms and a stable form of employment for all.


We maintain a workforce that is balanced on factors like gender, age, and cultural background.  There are also positions in the company that are filled by handicapped individuals and those re-entering society from underprivileged backgrounds.

We have systems and equipment which guarantee that our employees benefit from a work environment that is both safe and enjoyable. We support our employee culture through a range of benefits which include events organized by committees dedicated to social enrichment.


Axelis+ fully embraces its stewardship by participating in numerous events beyond the company, like the Ultra Run Raramuri which promotes core values including perseverance, diversity, and respect for both mankind and our environment.


Environmental Responsibility

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