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Our History


Marc Bachini began directing AGT, a delivery company started by his father.


AGT was bought by TNT and Marc directed the creation and daily operation of TNT France from March 1995 to March 1998.


Marc created Speed Distribution Logistique, which specialized in B2B transportation in the Paris region.



Axelis+ extended its services by becoming a licensed pharmaceutical depository with authorization from ANSM.


The introduction of Team Distribution allowed the firm to add B2C specialization in the Parisian region and complete its list of offerings for product delivery.


The firm has industry-leading clients in sectors including publishing, high tech, cosmetics, fashion, luxury goods, and health products.



The logistics firm Axelis was acquired in 2008 from Lagardère and renamed Axelis+: Marc took on e-commerce by preparing, packaging, and delivery of goods

Franck Bachini, Président 

Our clients come to us again and again when they need to execute on projects that require discipline, flexibility, proactive planning as well as quick reactions. Our strategic location and tailored services necessitate a logistics and distribution operation that is adaptable, specialized, innovative and eco-conscious.


We have strong values that help us work effectively and hit our targets. We also are experts in what we do and the particular strategic issues in our industry, and we salute our clients and partners who help us accomplish our goals every day.

... to son
From father...

Marc Bachini, Founder


I built a logistics and distribution company because I saw how the big, international standards of the industry have a tendency to neglect crucial areas and details. We differentiate our business from the rest by focusing on proximity, proactivity, and flexibility – all while using the same sophisticated tools and technologies as the industry’s biggest players.


Pulling from my strong personal values, I’ve defined a business model that respects both mankind and the environment. First I have a social responsibility to my employees, and each team’s wellbeing is a reflection of that. Our ambition isn’t growth at all costs. Instead we aim for stewardship, which, like for craftspeople, comes from the desire to enjoy the fruits of our hard labor.


We emphasize partnering with reputable companies that are well established in the industry, but we also work with small businesses that are specialized and agile. This approach makes sense because e-commerce hasn’t fully matured; the combination of the historically separate sectors of transportation and logistics is creating opportunities for success in a multi-channel approach.

We are trustworthy, creative problem solvers, a strong partner, and we're environmentally responsible. It’s what our clients appreciate and what we can offer you. I was proud to get my start in my father’s transportation company over 20 years ago, and even prouder to have the family business now being managed by my own son!

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An independent, family business
Annual Revenue
23.4MM €
163 full-time 
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