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Regulated by the article R.5124-2.4 of the Public Health Code, depositories are contracted as distributors on behalf of healthcare companies.

The network formed by depositories is what enables medication to circulate in the best conditions, and always tracked, from the factory to distributors and then pharmacies. 

Thanks to the depository's expertise and the efficiencies of the system, depositories can offer quality services at regulated prices. 


Depositories guarantee the responsible logistics from beginning-to-end, including:

- Reception of public health products

- Stock management

- Distribution of medications

- Regulated transportation

ANSM-authorized business since 2013, our health offering consists of: medicine (Rx, OTC, ATU, and experimental drugs), health products, medical devices, cosmetics and health supplements. We provide logistics and distribution solutions with the highest standards.

Details regarding pharmaceutical depositories

Pharmaceutical Depository

Our Clients

  • Pharmacies,

  • Parapharmacies

  • Wholesale distributors

  • Hospitals

  • Doctors

  • Visiting doctors and pharmacists

  • Dentists

  • Veterinerians

  • Perfumeries

  • GMS

  • Cosmetology institutes

  • Laboratories 

  • Industry events

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