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Our Approach

Paris is our field, and quality is our game.

Given the environmental context of the region, Speed Distribution Logistique signed onto the Objective CO2 Charter in addition to the Charter for Sustainable Urban Logistics, both of which aim to reduce our overall CO2 emissions through the use of eco-responsible modes of transport.

Our Expertise

Tailored distribution in France and in Europe

  • Transportation throughout France and Europe offered in addition to our rapid delivery

  • Agreements with the principle providers for international transportation, by ground, ship, air, and intermodal methods.

  • 6,500 orders completed each year.

 Rapid delivery in Paris and the region 

  • Removal based on your operational needs: daily drop-offs at precise time or dedicated trailers accessible at your dock.

  • Delivery adapted to your needs: at night, replacing stock in stores, access to secure SAS, GMS, etc.

  • Real-time updates, proof, and checklists of deliveries via our website

  • EDI system at each step: reception of Expedition documents and information retrieval via Calvacom.

Our Strengths

  • 15+ years of experience

  • Synergy between services for rapid delivery in Parisian region as well as distribution throughout France and Europe

  • A vetted environmental approach

  • Track record of dependability

  • An ingenious, innovative approach to logistics solutions

  • Execution of industry techniques


We are specialists in delivering products that require a high level of service and unwavering quality to the greater Paris region. We’ve developed win-win partnerships with industry leaders in publishing, high tech, cosmetics, fashion, luxury goods, and health products.

Who Are We?
Our Values

Our day-to-day operations are closely tied to our values:

  • Confidence as an engine of our relations,

  • Transparency in talking with our clients,

  • Respect for promises,

  • Prioritization of the environment,

  • The search for innovative solutions.

My B2B Distribution Solution

15 rue Pierre Rigaud 94200 Ivry-sur-Seine,  France

+33 (0)1 56 71 22 75 

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2 million articles assembled in co-packing

2 million packages per year

Key Metrics 2015

1,653,122 packages delivered per year

37 220+ destinations

60 routes per day

99.4% of packages delivered within 24 hours

Annual Revenue
10.9MM €
95 full-time 

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