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We specialize in delivering quality products to customers, but more importantly we elevate the pleasure associated with the brand.

Who Are We?

Your Parisian delivery solution


We are obsessed with being on-time and with the image we give to your customers. The notoreity of the brands we work with require consistently superior performance.

Our Values
Our Approach

Our offering is tailored based on your needs, and of course those of your customers. 

We adopt your brand's values, including its visual identity, when we iteract with customers - insuring their satisfaction.

Our Expertise

Our Product and Related Services

  • Consistency you can count on

  • Innovative attitude that will lead to delivery solutions that are always more innovative and environmentally friendly

  • Refined operational knowledge

  • Always able to suggest a tailored solution that is adapted to your situation

Our Strengths


15 rue Pierre Rigaud 94200 Ivry-sur-Seine,  France 

+33 (0)1 49 87 03 90 

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A messenger bike service that is:

  • 100% green with electric powered bikes

  • Customizable with your brand's colors and outfits that fit your visual identity

  • Able to make deliveries in Paris at night

  • Flexible for best value: customers can try on and exchange merchandise immediately.

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